Large Cosmetic Bag

Large Cosmetic Bag



Size: 11” x 13”

Material: 100% European Linen with a waxed canvas interior

Exposed brass zipper with genuine leather pull

Designed, dyed and sewn in Detroit, Michigan at Ponyride Studios

Proudly Made in the U.S.A

Slightly Larger than the Carry-All Zipper Pouch, the Large Cosmetic Bag is perfect for holding all your make-up, hair and toiletry necessities.

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At dale & blue our philosophy is simple. People > Things


We love things; it’s why we make them. But that should never come at the expense of the people who make them or the environment. With every decision we consider the deeper impact and make the best choice with those values in mind. Started in 2016 Dale & Blue is a textile design and home wares company created in small batches. Concentrating on craftsmanship and design we create heirloom products to last generations.


dale & blue is known for their modern approach to shibori dye techniques. No two cosmetic bags are ever the same, meaning not only are you buying a quality item, you are buying one as unique are you.